Welcome to World Aerospace Insurance Services, Inc.

World Aerospace Insurance Services, Inc. is an international Aviation & Marine retail and wholesale Insurance brokerage firm with over 100 years of industry experience specializing in the full spectrum of comprehensive insurance policies placed anywhere in the world. A Recommended Expert Insurance Service Provider by the longest-running, largest and most-recognized worldwide insurance-rating organization AM Best!

Key benefits:

* A complimentary risk management policy review
* A global reach with partners in over 100 countries
* Underwritten by top-rated carriers
* Worldwide claims handling capabilities
* More than 100 years of industry experience
* More products that cover various business niches and liabilities

Specialized support and coverage capabilities:

• Safety program management
• Safety auditing
• Aviation & Marine insurance placement

We provide solutions for the complete range of Aviation exposures!

• Aircraft Hull & Liability Coverage
• Comprehensive Airline Hull & Liability
• Contingent Aircraft Liability
• Repossessed Aircraft Hull & Liability
• Corporate Non-Owned Aircraft Liability
• Rotor Wing Operators
• Non-Owned Aircraft Liability
• Aviation Manufacturers’ Products Liability
• Airport operations
• Repair station operations
• Aircraft charter
• STC development
• FBO management
• Advanced pilot training
• Aircraft manufacturers
• International flight operations
• Workers’ compensation
• Employee dishonesty and crime
• Aircraft hull and liability
• Air ambulance professional liability
• Errors and omissions
• Pilot loss of license
• Crew / Passenger personal accident
• Property
• Aviation Ground Handlers Liability
• Airport Service Providers
• Fixed Based Operators
• Financial Institutions
• Space Insurance
• Drone Insurance

We can assist you with all your marine insurance needs!

We specialize in both ocean and inland marine insurance. This includes imports, exports, domestic shipments, means of communications, and personal and commercial property floaters.

We cover a broad portfolio of both blue and brown water tonnage.

• Ocean Transportation Exposures: ships or hulls; goods or cargo; earnings
• Commercial Vessels
• Commercial Watercraft
• Marinas
• Marine Construction
• Marine Tradesmen
• Watercraft Rental
• Pleasure Craft

Our pleasure craft programs range from $250,000 to $30,000,000 and insure private pleasure, luxury yachts, charter, bare boat charter, catamarans, high speed vessels, and fleet operations for both motor and sail yachts.

• Protection & Indemnity Insurance (P&I)
• Inland Marine Insurance

Our unique mix of extensive hands-on Marine & Aviation industry, insurance underwriting & brokerage experience with access to worldwide Marine & Aviation insurance markets allows us to guaranty our clients the most complete insurance programs available at the most competitive terms based upon the specialized needs of each client.

World Aerospace Insurance Services, Inc. is authorized and regulated by the Department of Financial Services.

Our clients are corporations in the Marine & Aviation industries.  Airlines, corporate jet fleets, charters and cargo operators are just a few of the types of operations we serve and serve well, thanks to the industry specific knowledge of our leadership and staff.

Raymond B. Lawson is the Founder and Managing Director of World Aerospace Insurance Services, Inc. He is a former Aviation Insurance Underwriter, Engineer, Professional Pilot, Instructor and Certified Aviation Insurance Professional (CAIP) with over 30 years experience.

Ray is a Loss Prevention Expert | Risk Management Consultant and one of the most well-known Brokers in Aviation Insurance.

It’s the kind of experience only our team can bring to the table, and it’s the kind of experience our customers can use to their advantage.

We have earned worldwide respect from underwriters and industry leaders for our ability to negotiate comprehensive coverage at the most competitive rates for even the most unusual of aviation operations.

Our broad, hands-on aviation industry and insurance knowledge means we can custom-design risk management programs for a variety of unique aviation operations, such as European and South American Airline Operations, as well as International Fixed Based Operators and heavy service overhaul facilities.

Corporate Operators

A corporate jet is a tool that can be instrumental to the growth of a company and the efficiency of its executives. Organizing the purchase of business aircraft should always involve the application of a competent Aviation Insurance Agent with expert knowledge of the markets and the products.

An object at rest tends to stay at rest.

Most insurance service provider relationships are objects at rest, in part because aviation insurance buyers have lowered their expectations to the service they are currently receiving.  With nothing to compare with, Operators typically feel their current Agent is providing excellent service?

As experts, we Love to compete!  And consistently uncover gaps in coverage many agents are unaware of.

As your Insurance Consultant and Agent of choice we guarantee:

  • To provide you with every savings and discount that you can receive.
  • To negotiate for your benefit, the lowest possible competitive insurance rates with the broadest coverage and strongest security available.
  • To proactively solve potential problems, making your future more predictable.
  • To give you “straight talk” about underwriters, about your policy’s terms, limits & conditions and about your options.
  • To be available 24/7/365 with same day document turnarounds, including all certificates.
  • To establish a long term relationship with you – as your agent, as your consultant and as your friend!

Passing The Competition

    Our goal is to provide our clients with unmatched industry specific insurance & operational knowledge and experience. To leverage our knowledge and experience in negotiating with underwriting the most favorable comprehensive tailored insurance program possible.

    All team members have a minimum of 20 years experience, with solid and established backgrounds, within the commercial, corporate, general, rotary and military aviation sectors of the industry. Our brokers hold certifications and training from either the U.S. FAA, Airlines, Military and / or from various IATA / ICAO and DGAC aviation authorities worldwide.

    As a consumer, I’m certain that you’re well aware of the fact that the aviation insurance field is a competitive market. Everywhere you turn, you’re confronted with aggressive advertising campaigns, and accosted by pushy agents.

    As an insurance broker, we’re aware of this as well, and we have simple goals: to provide our customers with straight talk about aviation insurance, and to provide the best possible rates. We have no hidden agenda, no strategy, and no catchy sales pitch.

    We’re simply here to offer you the facts about insurance, and to provide you with the rates you deserve.