Aviation Insurance Services

Aviation insurance is a specialized form of insurance written in a specialized market and mostly covers: loss of or damage to an aircraft, liability to passengers and third party liability.

Although our capabilities cover all forms of property and casualty insurance, we are absolute experts in the full spectrum of Aerospace insurance policies placed anywhere in the world. 

Our goal is to provide our clients with unmatched industry specific insurance & operational knowledge and experience. To leverage our knowledge and experience in negotiating with underwriting the most favorable comprehensive tailored insurance program possible.

Our services include providing analytical advice and advising clients on provisions of contracts, arranging insurance cover with insurers at highly competitive rates, forwarding documentation in a timely manner and helping with any ongoing changes they wish to make to their coverage.

Some of the more common aviation operations we broker include: Aircraft and component part manufacturers and service providers, Airport owners, operators and other airport ground service providers including refuelers and refiners, Aircraft operators, helicopter operators, Non flag carrying airlines, Finance houses, lessors and charterers.

Some of the basic coverages include: hull insurance, passenger liability insurance, cargo insurance, product liability insurance, airports operations liability insurance, workers compensation insurance, loss of license insurance, personal accident and life insurance, etc.

Hull Insurance – Under this form of cover, the insurers undertake to pay for accidental loss of or damage to the aircraft.

Passenger Liability Insurance – The insurers indemnify the insured for all sums which are legally required as payment for damages in respect to bodily injuries to (or the death of) the passengers. The policy can also cover loss of or damage to baggage and personal articles of passengers arising out of an accident to the insured aircraft.

Third Party Liability Insurance – This form of insurance protects the insured against liability to third parties (other than passengers) who suffer damage or injury as a result of the operation of the aircraft.

Cargo Insurance – Two types of cargo insurance exist: cargo legal liability insurance and cargo all risks insurance.

Cargo legal liability insurance aims to protect an air carrier against legal liability for loss of or damage to goods while in the care, custody and control of the carrier.

Cargo all risks insurance is usually affected by a consignor or consignee of goods. It protects against loss of or damage to goods during their shipment by air.

Products Liability Insurance – This concerns the legal liability of aircraft product manufacturers to the third party in case of injury, loss or damage caused by a defective design or manufacture of aircraft products.

Airport Operations Liability Insurance – This type of insurance covers the liability of entities which operate and provide facilities at airports. It includes: maintenance, repair and service facilities, air traffic control services, aircraft refuelers, hangarkeepers, airport owners and operators. Usually the liabilities of airport operators are divided into three categories: airport premises liability; products-type liability; and hangarkeepers liability.

Workers Compensation Insurance – Insurance that pays benefits on behalf of an insured employer to employees or their families in the case of injury, disability, or death resulting from occupational hazards.

Business Credit Insurance –  This policy protects aircraft parts dealers, component manufactures etc… against losses arising from buyers insolvencies. Losses on unpaid receivables are indemnified by the insurer at an agreed rate.

Loss of License Insurance – This is a form of combined personal accident and sickness insurance. It is designed to compensate an air crew member (or pilot) for the loss of his/her license resulting from an illness or bodily injury. To qualify, the individual must be currently employed as a commercial pilot.  The program is administered through Harvey Watt & Co. and underwritten by the Insurance Company of North America, the coverage provides a monthly benefit for loss of either an FAA Class I or Class II Medical Certificate.

Personal Accident and Life Insurance – This policy is designed to provide cover against the risks of the insured sustaining injury or death because of an aviation accident. It usually seeks to exclude liability for injury or death caused by the risks of aviation and permits the insured to fly on an aircraft operated by an air carrier.

Worldwide Comprehensive Aviation Insurance Brokerage Services

  • Insurance Consulting Services
  • Risk Management Services
  • Loss Control Services
  • Claims Consulting Services
  • Aviation and Aircraft Hull and Liability Insurance Coverage Evaluation
  • Aviation Premium History and Loss Ratio Calculations
  • Aircraft Repair Facility Insurance
  • Coverage Quotations and Reviews
  • Aircraft Engine Repair and Overhaul Operations Insurance
  • Aircraft Lease and Sale Insurance
  • Aircraft Net Share Fractional Ownership Insurance
  • Helicopter Insurance and Rotorcraft Insurance
  • Private Aircraft Insurance and Commercial Operations Insurance
  • Products Completed Operations  Insurance
  • Hangarkeepers Insurance and
  • Aviation Inventory Coverage
  • Flying Schools, Fixed Based Operators FBO Insurance
  • Airport Related Insurance Analysis and Costing
  • Charter Airline and Charter
  • Operations Insurance
  • Corporate Aircraft Corporate Jet Insurance
  • Aircraft Aerial Application Insurance
  • Aviation Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Additional Aviation Services:

  • Aircraft / Engine Technical
  • Survey  Aircraft / Engine Management
  • Technical / Regulatory Advisors
  • Logistics & Material Support
  • Aircraft Salvage / Part-Out
  • Site-Management
  • Aviation Litigation Aid
  • Aviation Expert Witness
  • Aviation Financing / Business Development
  • Aviation Publication / Photography
  • Technical Market Representation
  • Commercial Flight-Sim Training-Advisors
  • Our extensive broker contacts
  • Worldwide list of aviation professionals
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