Building The Perfect Policy

We recognize that you have your own needs and wants as far as aviation insurance is concerned. We don’t expect that every policy or coverage option will be right for you – and we won’t try to sell you something that you don’t need!

The best way for us, as your agent, to determine your needs is simply to talk with you. We have no intention of subjecting you to a lengthy sales pitch – Our intention is only to listen to what you’ve got to say, and then to provide you with your best options.

Don’t be fooled by companies or agents who will try to sell you an enormously expensive policy without engaging in a discussion of your insurance needs and financial capabilities. There are many types of insurance policies, and we can tailor one that will be perfect for you.  You can have faith that we will provide you with your best options at all times.

Isn’t it about time that you had the opportunity to voice your own wants and needs?

As an expert in the daily operations and volatile working environment of the aviation industry, we have developed the most comprehensive insurance policies available for a wide range of commercial customers, including managed aircraft, FBO, modification centers, engine and airframe maintenance organizations, avionics shops, flight schools, charter operators and airlines.

Choosing an agent for your aviation insurance policy is an important decision that should be made with great care.

You need someone reliable, honest and trustworthy – someone that will be there to answer any questions you might have, and, in case of an emergency, someone who will be there to offer comfort and assistance. There are plenty of agents who seek only to fulfill a private agenda – but we’re not one of those agents.

We’re here for you, and this means for as long as you choose to have us as your agent, you can depend on us. We’re a bit of a traditionalist, we suppose, for we believe that establishing lasting relationships with our clients is truly the key to our success – not how many policies we can sell.