Commercial Lines of Business – One Stop Brokerage

Unlike many monoline Aviation & Marine insurance brokerage firms, our capabilities cover all forms of Commercial Property Casualty Insurance.

* Distinctive Properties

* Flood & Excess

* Flood

* Automobile

* Liability

* Kidnap & Ransom

* Coverage

* Collections

* Family Office

In fact, we will, whenever possible; package policies for both the insured and the insurers benefit.

Advantages of Package Policies for the:


  • Reduced administrative expenses – fewer policies to buy and maintain.
  • Reduced chance of delay in loss settlement – due to dispute among insurers about which policy covers the loss.
  • Lower premiums – as reduced insurer expenses are passed along.


  • Reduced administrative expenses – inspection, underwriting, policy issuance.
  • Increased premium volume.
  • Lowered adverse selection – more diverse exposures, hence lower loss dispersion.

Some of the other Commercial Lines of Business we broker include:

  • Commercial property insurance – covers commercial buildings and their contents against direct loss.
  • Business income insurance – covers businesses against indirect loss (decreased revenues and/or increased expenses) following direct damage to property.
  • Fidelity insurance – protects organizations from loss of money, securities, or inventory resulting from crime.

Common fidelity claims allege employee dishonesty, embezzlement, forgery, robbery, computer fraud, counterfeiting, etc. All of these crimes can be detrimental to a business.

Furthermore, these particular crimes are committed by taking advantage of any potential weakness in a company.

Crime insurance – covers money and securities against a variety of natural and human perils and other property against human perils.

Liabilities covered by crime insurance usually fall into two categories, although many policies combine both types of coverage.

Money and Security Coverage – pays for money and securities taken by burglary, robbery, theft, disappearance and destruction.

Employee Dishonesty Coverage – pays for losses caused by most dishonest acts of a company’s employees, such as embezzlement and theft.

Boiler and machinery insurance – aka equipment breakdown insurance – covers physical damage and business income resulting from breakdown or tearing asunder of a covered boiler or other machinery.

Commercial general liability insurance – covers the nonprofessional, nonauto liability loss exposures of businesses to nonemployees. 

Commercial auto insurance – covers physical damage to automobiles and liability arising from their use. 

Businessowners insurance – covers property and liability (but not auto or workers’ compensation) loss exposures of small and medium-sized businesses. 

Excess and umbrella liability insurance – provides

  • Higher limits over primary policies (excess coverage) and
  • Higher limits plus primary coverage for some claims not covered by primary policies (umbrella coverage).

Professional liability insurance – covers doctors, lawyers, engineers, and other professionals against liability associated with the rendering of their professional services.

Professional liability also includes:

  • Directors’ and officers’ liability insurance,
  • Fiduciary liability insurance,
  • Employment practices liability insurance. 

Environmental Insurance – covers injury, damage, and cleanup costs caused by the release of pollutants.

Surety bond – is an agreement by one person (the surety) to guarantee the performance of another person (the principal) to a third person (the obligee).

Commercial Insurance is an important and often necessary part of doing business.

However, it doesn’t have to be painful. Let us guide you smoothly through the Risks and Rewards of coverage.