Risk Management & Loss Control Services

Our team of loss control engineers are the eyes and ears of the underwriter.

Our clients don’t want losses, so we selected our team from top aviation professionals with solid and established backgrounds in aviation underwriting, brokerage and claims with actual industry experience within the commercial, corporate, general, rotary and military aviation sectors of the industry concerning maintenance, engineering, regulations and overall safety of operation.

“All team members have a minimum of twenty years aviation industry experience and hold certifications and training from either the U.S. FAA, Airlines, Military and / or from various IATA / ICAO and DGAC aviation authorities worldwide with proven track records of success and accomplishment.”

We offer the following loss control services:

Physical surveys – We identify and analyze our client’s loss exposures via a walking tour, which includes personal inspections of physical hazards and interviews with managers and employees to analyze commitment to and attitudes toward loss control. (Please note that this is the highest service level we offer as an added value service to our customers for no additional fee.)

Risk analysis and improvement – We analyze our client’s claims and loss history to recommend ways to reduce hazards.

Our support services include:

  • Safety programs – we educate your employees on hazards and safe behavior.
  • Technical information resources – we provide loss control information.
  • Counseling – we suggest safety alterations to increase rating credits and safety.

Safety Management Programming – Our loss control consulting include the following:

  • Supervise the development and management of our client’s loss control program
  • Evaluate operations
  • Establish loss control objectives, and
  • Select and monitor control measures

(Our safety management programming and additional loss control services may be made available for a flat fully earned annual fee, to further increase profit.)

Once purchased, the client is only responsible for program implementation.

When shopping for aviation insurance, your primary concern is likely to be along one simple track: how much you can save.  After all, why spend more than you should in order to obtain the savings you deserve?

If you’re truly looking to save money, it’s important that you work with an agent who has your best interests at heart – and one who will go the extra mile to determine your eligibility for every possible savings and discount.

We are proud of our team’s ability to reduce our client’s loss frequency and severity which reduces the total cost of their risk, thus benefiting both our clients and insurers.

Our services can help rehabilitate marginal accounts that have been rejected by underwriting by treating their unacceptable risk to bring those risk within accepted parameters.

Our loss control programs make marginal risk acceptable and reduce loss frequency and severity for accepted risks.  We help you comply with statutes and reduce the chance on negligence claims.

We help organize records and fix recordkeeping deficiencies.

We work with claims departments by providing additional technical expertise, codes, standards, analyses and recall procedures to assist in the adjustment of claims.