World Aerospace Capital (WAC)

World Aerospace Capital allows you to transition to faster turboprops and jet aircraft with ease. Our team of experts combine creative financing with expert aircraft brokerage.

The foundation of our aircraft locating, financing and business development capabilities are our strategic alliance partnerships.  This allows us to secure off market aircraft along with unique financing options for our clients. 

In addition, our database of information contains critical information about airline and executive aircraft around the world.  This research tool coupled with technical expertise gives us valuable insight into changing market trends.

When you work with WAC, you can be certain that you receive the best possible options.

In this fast-paced industry, experience makes all the difference in the world. For our customers, this experience means that regulatory procedures are handled promptly and accurately, thereby preserving your most valuable asset – your peace of mind.

Peace Of Mind!

Our customers receive expert knowledge of the legal, technical and financial aspects of the aircraft acquisition process. Whether you are buying or selling an aircraft, this expertise smooths difficult negotiations and protects everyone involved in the transaction. There are dozens of decisions to make. The continued success of our team depends on helping you make the right ones.